SoundHealth Expands Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Innovators

As seen on Spotlight On Medicine.

SoundHealth, the leading medical innovation agency with a global presence in 89 countries, has announced a new opportunity channel for innovators with breakthrough pharmaceutical and biotechnological solutions.

Mike Miller, CEO of SoundHealth, explains, “Our business requires a balance between new innovation and companies that benefit by those innovations. For the past few months, we have noticed an increase in inquiries from pharmaceutical companies asking: ‘What do you have for us?’” SoundHealth can now respond to these companies with answers due to their new pharmaceutical and biotechnological channel.

Miller attributes the expansion of this new opportunity channel to SoundHealth’s exclusive platform. SoundHealth’s unique business model is designed to expedite the delivery of medical innovation to the marketplace through its business expertise, access to funding and participating research institutions. “Our company attracts extraordinary innovation and commercializes it without the drama. We look at everything that comes to us – especially the innovations labeled ‘impossible’”, comments Miller.

Additionally, Miller reveals his purpose in creating this channel is due to his “personal quest to not leave any stone ‘unturned’ in the pursuit of finding optimal ways of improving the quality of life of people suffering with any medical condition. I am fortunate to have attracted an exceedingly talented team of like-minded people equally committed to the same quest.”

As Miller firmly believes, “things are about to get very interesting.”

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